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This site was created as a build guide for my friends at AX84.com and other homebuilders who are looking for something different.  Many thanks to the guys at AX84 for all they taught me over the years and Gothik for help with the design.  Contact info amp-chassis@comcast.net


The Dirty Dawg is my version of the Lead II.  DD-30 is a 30 watt, push pull, single channel design that I have been working on for about two years.  After 4 prototypes, I am finally satisfied that the design is finished.  The preamp has 5 gain stages using a 12ax7, 12au7, and 12bz7.  The combination of preamp tubes produces rich, thick distortion.  Unlike other heavy distortion amps that use a cold clipping stage with a large cathode resistor to produce distortion, the Dirty Dawg uses two warm biased 12au7 stages.  The distortion of a 12au7 sounds more like power tube distortion as they have gain characteristics more like power tubes than the traditional 12ax7.  The 12bz7 was chosen for the final stage because of its warmer tone and ability to deliver twice the current as a 12ax7.  The extra current makes it easier to push the power tubes into distortion.  

Surprisingly, the Dirty Dawg is capable of outstanding cleans, harmonically rich, chimey, and very open sounding.  Unlike some other amps that are one trick ponys, the Dirty Dawg is capable of a variety of tones from country to alternative and all of it is available at a twist of the guitar's volume with virtually no loss of amp volume.  No need for a second channel.  Just use the guitar's volume or a separate volume pedal to simulate a second channel.


The Lead II Lite is a four gain stage version of the Lead II using two 12AX7s in the preamp.  It was designed as a mod for the HO and SEL amps at the AX84 site using the stock boards suppled with kits.  It has a bit less gain than the original and should work well with both SE and PP output sections.


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